When Planning Makes Perfect: Mom Boss Tells All

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Profile: Cheesette Cowan

Entrepreneur, Chesette Cowan – CSM

I gained such insight interviewing this mom. She is a mom to two sweet little girls and runs a number of different businesses. She thoroughly shares her insight on being a mom and an entrepreneur and how she manages life daily with proper planning.

Arian: What’s your background?

Cheesette: I am from New Haven, CT, 39 years old, married with two bio daughters, Harleigh 2 and Aubrey 5. I have three bonus girls Kayla (18), Kamari (17) and Kaliyah (12). I went to Shaw University (HBCU) in Raleigh, NC. Fun facts: I am very quirky I love chocolate, the Golden Girls and sun flowers. I watch the Golden Girls EVERY single day. If they are not on TV, I watch them online and have every single season on DVD just in case lol.

Other fun facts: I love football, and have been writing since I was 5 years old. I have journals from all of my life and they make me so happy.

I have a few businesses. They include:

  • Real estate agent (The Cheshire Bridge Group of Keller Williams)
  • Publisher (CSM Author, Publishing, and Consulting Service) a full stop publishing and author branding company. I also publish a magazine (EntrepreneuHER Magazine)
  • Business coach
  • Author

The businesses I’ve started are reflective of my gifts and passions and avenues to use in my pursuit to change the economy of the women connected to me.  My goal is to create multi-generational wealth for women through passive income ventures. I believe that every woman has more in her than she knows and I want to see her fulfill her entire destiny, not just as a mom, but as a woman with a purpose. I’m passionate about women birthing change in society and believe we can do that as business women.

Arian: Speak to the importance of a schedule and planning?

Cheesette: I use a schedule and organizing my day according to what’s going to make the greatest impact on my goals and vision. For example, I live by a calendar. If it’s not on my schedule, it doesn’t exist.  I schedule my time with my family, date night with my husband, etc. and organize by colors to indicate which items are set in stone (unable to be moved or require my full attention) and which are flexible (meaning I can talk to people while doing them). Then I own my calendar and don’t let people make me feel bad for it. Since I only make money based on my own production, I don’t allow anything to compromise my production (income generating) time.

I also make sure I schedule down time for me and make sure I don’t skip that either.

Arian: What does me time look like for you?

Cheesette: I dedicate and schedule time for myself each day. Whether that’s a cup of coffee or reading a book, me time is planned purposefully. I also focus on improving myself always. I pour into myself often. Whether it’s traveling or training I’m always putting things into me that will make me a better business woman and coach for my clients and wife/mom.

Arian: How do you find balance between work and home life?

Cheesette: Because entrepreneurship is demanding you have to balance it by being purposeful and intentional about where you spend your time. Meaning you can’t be wasteful with time at work because it will eventually lessen the time you have to spend with your family.  Also, for balance I make sure I’m always spiritually charged. Usually I’m always investing word all day and that keeps me built up. I find that my spirit in a good space empowers me to balance e everything with wisdom. If I find myself busy and I let spiritual things slip, I can feel it in the pressure valve of my life and I make adjustments quick. VERY QUICK.

Arian: What advice would you give to other moms in business or with hopes to start a business?

cheesette cowanCheesette: I would encourage moms to know their purpose BEFORE putting a demand on their business to produce income. We often see gifts and think they’re talents and they are not. Talents produce money and the gift fuels them, but purpose combines the two effortlessly. Next, allow your business to grow like you would a child. For example, would you expect a six month old baby to pay all of your bills? No. Then why would you expect your business to do that in six months. Allow it time to nurture, develop, and grow into maturity before you demand it to do mature things like manage lifestyles. While you’re working on purpose lean on your talents to produce cash flow to take care of you. Just like a parent would get a part time job to help out with a kids college tuition, use your talents to give you the leverage you need to remain free to operate in your purpose without being strapped financially. Finally lead from profit. Don’t keep giving money to your business. Give some yes, but then place a demand on that money to produce and don’t spend anymore until it starts to produce a return.

What’s stopping you from reaching your goals? Moms like Cheesette prove that we can do so much with proper planning. Make it a goal to do something every day. With one step you are closer than you were before!

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