Scheduling in Exercise Ten Minutes at a Time

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I’m a mom, a wife, a fitness trainer, business owner and the list goes on but I also know that to be the best me I can be I have to exercise. Making it to the gym seems impossible for some and with all that has to get done in a day, it can be difficult for some to factor in exercise.  Can you invest ten minutes? This CONVENIENT 10 minute work-out will help kick-start your way to a healthier you and keep you on track year after year no matter how busy you get.  It works some of the major muscle groups and is perfect for beginners and those who can exercise at a more advanced level. Perform each exercise for one minute and use weights ( a five pound dumbbell is a good start) for a more challenging workout.

C ardio                                 Jumping Jacks & Butt Kicks (30 seconds of each)

O bliques                            Side Bends (30 seconds left side & 30 seconds right side)

N eat lunges                      Stationary Lunges (30 seconds left leg & 30 seconds right leg)

V ups                                    V-Ups   (30 seconds halfway up & 30 seconds full rage)

E lbow to Knee                 Right elbow to left knee & left elbow to right knee (30 seconds each side)

N eed a break?                 Take a 1 minute break.  Hydrate, stretch or just breathe, but keep moving.

I ntense                               Push-ups   (Focus on quality not quantity form is key) push ups

E ndurance                         Plank 

No movement                  Wall squat (with arms extended forward)

T riceps                                  Tricep extensions & Seated dips (30 seconds each)

Remember you can maximize this ten minute work-out and burn up to 200 calories if you incorporate weights or kettle bells to increase intensity.  In just ten minutes, you’ll set the tone for the day feeling healthier and overall great!  You can do this work-out in the morning, afternoon or night. Just do it!  I prefer to start my day and get my exercise in early in the morning because it not only sets the tone, but kick starts my metabolism! Exercise puts your body in burn mode at the top of the day.  Have fun and switch up the ten minute work-outs when it is no longer a challenge or when you’re simply ready for a change.  Fitness is a way of life, not a diet or goal to reach a certain size. Take care of your body because you need it!

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  1. Tracy you are always encouraging others, I encourage you to keep doing what God called you to do and your days of prosperity will flow like rivers of living water!!! Blessings, Prosperity, and Life Everlasting. God bless you

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