Quick and Easy Fall Meals

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Fall is an awesome season to cook and bake because the crisp air creates the perfect setting for cozy meals at home.  Fall is also squash season.  Not everything cozy and Fall has to be pumpkin or apple related though!  When it comes to meal time, the goal for most busy moms is to create a quick but nutritious meal.  The following recipes are nutritious, delicious, quick and especially, cozy!

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

meat with sauce in black bowl

Utilizing a slow cooker is one of my favorite ways to make meals.  They are a complete Godsend in my home.  I love how easy it is to toss the ingredients in and let the cooker do the work, while I go to work.  Not to mention, the house always smells amazing when I get home.


2 pounds beef tips

2 cups carrot

2 cups sliced celery

2 cloves garlic

1 diced onion (medium)

4 diced potatoes

32 oz beef broth

6 oz tomato paste

I cup water

Salt and pepper to taste

Red pepper flakes (optional)

As I mentioned, this is the great part about using a slow cooker, simply mix all of the ingredients together into the slow cooker.  Adjust to the low setting and go!


Sausage and Squash Quiche

sliced pie on white ceramic plate

Quiche is one of my favorite meals to make because it is actually pretty effortless but has a great presentation.  It is also very versatile.  My favorite way to have quiche in the Fall is with sausage and squash.  This can be a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Frozen pie crust

2 eggs

1 diced onion (small)

1 garlic clove

½ cup pureed or cubed squash

¾ cup milk

½ pound ground sausage

Salt and pepper to taste

Spinach (optional)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Brown sausage in pan until fully cooked
  3. Mix eggs and milk in bowl
  4. Add onion, garlic, squash, sausage, salt and pepper to milk and egg mixture
  5. Pour mixture into pie crust
  6. Place pie crust on a cookie sheet and bake for 30-40 minutes
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