Making Glam Moves: Entrepreneur Mom Spotlight

falon bonner
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In this section of the magazine, we highlight moms that are making strides towards a healthy work-life balance. They are business owners, leaders, teachers and community activists. While moving forward in their careers, they are also dedicated to being moms who are active and engaged in their children’s lives. Today we meet Falon Bonner.

Profile: Falon Bonner


Owns Glamcode, an Online Boutique

Arian: Share your background.

Falon: I am from a small town in Mississippi by the name of Starkville, home of the MSU Bulldogs, it’s what puts us on the map LOL! I am a 36-year-old boy mom to a handsome adorable 2-year-old named Nicholas.  We reside in Riverdale, Ga.  I graduated from the University of Alabama and unbeknownst to me it’s a college football school, of which I knew nothing about. I simply chose it because it was close to my hometown of Starkville, so it was close enough to home for food and laundry runs.

Arian: What is your business and business goals?

Falon: I own run and operate a really bomb online boutique by the name of GLAMCODE.  We specialize in fashion forward pieces for women of all shapes and sizes.  We are growing rapidly and have plans to expand to retail locations in and around surrounding areas of Georgia.

Arian: What prompted you to step out and start a business?

Falon: It was something that was in my heart to do since 2008. I love fashion, makeup, really all things girly and wanted to open up an online boutique. With every business there are failures and successes. The initial name for my boutique was “The Red Carpet” because I wanted every customer to leave feeling like a celebrity.    Yet, I was unable to the generate start-up capital needed. I never gave up and Glamcode was birthed out of that vision.

We have kept that same culture at Glamcode where every client receives star-studded treatment for a fraction of the cost.  After experiencing a tragedy late 2016 (the loss of her husband), I began to seek God like never before on exactly what he wanted me to do. My desire became to complete, down to the last detail, exactly what he called me to do.  After spending a considerable amount of time in prayer I stepped out on faith and was obedient to do what God was telling me to do, which was to go forth and launch Glamcode. The rest is history…

Arian: How are you able to balance being a mom and a business owner?

Falon: For me, that balance means that my son comes first, not my business. My son has a pretty intense physical therapy schedule, having us in and out of appointments twice a week.  I have recently decided to focus most of my day on my son and work around his schedule.  That involves me working in between nap time, play time, PT or whenever I can honestly. 2018 I will have an actual work schedule, but it will still be centered around my son’s schedule, he is priority therefore he comes first.

Arian: Do you take time for you? What does your me-time consist of?

Falon: Mommy time for me is exercise. I hear clearly about God’s plans for me when I run. I usually devote three days a week to exercising in some way. Sometimes I run on a track, other days I do some home-based workouts. I think exercise is important for moms because it helps us be better physically and emotionally. Being healthy helps us feel better about our outward appearance, but it also helps balance our mood, helps deal with stress and has endless benefits for our lives in general.

Arian: What encouragement would you give other moms struggling with the daily responsibilities of work and home?

Falon: I would just say to other moms building a business and raising a child or children at home  to trust the vision that God has given them. I rely 100% on his strength to keep me going everyday, I would strongly suggest developing a close intimate relationship with God and allow him to lead and guide them in their role as a mom and as a business owner.

Start your day getting direction and guidance from God would be my number one bit of advice and secondly do not give up, there are an army of people waiting on the other side of your obedience.

Don’t worry about the provision, how it will get done, simply focus on your assignment with LASER FOCUS. Lastly, God wants to be involved in every detail of our life-let him in!

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  1. Arian this is such a great interview! It really brought inspiration to my life. Falon is such a beautiful person and I love that she includes God in EVERYTHING she does. She is such an inspiring beautiful soul!

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