Girls Trip Anyone?

girls trip
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Everyone knows that being a mother is not easy; especially a working mom.  You’re pulled into so many different directions, such as helping the children with homework, engaging in family activities, cooking, cleaning, your career, taking care of the family and attending extracurricular activity events.  You put in so much time taking care of your family that you forget to take care of yourself.  Even spending time with your girlfriends becomes impossible and the girl’s trip that you took with your friends before having children appears to be so nonexistent.   Just because you have children and get married does not mean that a girl’s trip can no longer exist. You can be a mom and travel too.

Remember the movie Girls Trip?  Some women avoid trips due to the fear of how much it cost and how much time will be spent away from their family.  There are plenty of destinations that are budget friendly and don’t require much traveling.  Atlantic City, New Jersey is a popular vacation spot that gives you the option of flying, driving or catching a train.  And you don’t have to have an interest in gambling to enjoy yourself here.  It is not only well known for its popular casinos, but it is also known for its night life and large boardwalk.  I would describe Atlantic City as a miniature size Vegas.  Atlantic City offers a variety of clubs, bars and upscale restaurants as well as reasonable hotels.  Some hotels make it easier for the guest and include everything you are interested in doing all under one roof.  Talk about easy access.  Many of the hotels accommodate your dining, entertainment, nightlife and gambling needs without having to leave the building.

Now for those of you who are interested in visiting an island, there are plenty of places that you can visit without pinching off your savings.   You don’t have to be away from your family for a full week in order to take that island vacation that you always craved.  Puerto Plata located in the Dominican Republic offers some of the cheapest hotels and flights directly from major U.S. airports.  According to U.S News, the best time to visit Puerto Plata is in May or June because of the decrease in hotel rates for the approaching rainy season. The U. S News indicates a large amount of precipitation in the area yearly with an average of 50 to 60 inches.  But with a large discounted price on hotel rates, it does not sound like a bad idea for a budget friendly girl’s trip.

cruiseAnd if you like cruises, and prefer a short weekend getaway with a few girlfriends, some cruise lines offer short weekend cruises.  A short weekend cruise to the Bahamas will not break the bank and will give you the satisfaction of feeling refreshed away from home.  Weekend cruises are very reasonable and will give you exactly what you need in a short amount of time.

To all the working mothers who think it’s difficult to take time for yourself and have some adult fun, remember that there are plenty of places to visit at a reasonable price that will give you the opportunity to relax and take your hair down.  Being a mother and having a family does not mean you can no longer enjoy traveling and time with the girls.

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