Finding Joy in Your Job

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I hate my job! I am quite positive that you have heard this out of the mouths of some of your closest friends, family members, present co-workers, or maybe you have said or are saying this at this very moment. We all go through this phase at our places of employment. Feeling stagnant, fed up, and just not happy with the department or organization that we report to on a weekly basis. Feeling unsatisfied and unchallenged in your career is a common issue some of us face as individuals. Sometimes, it really is time for you to step up and step out and do something different. Then there are other times where we allow the environment that we work in to speak volumes to our hearts. Before we move into whether or not it is time for you to vacate the premises and step out on faith, it is important to answer two simple questions: Has my season here truly run its course? And am I offering the best version of myself to this organization?

These questions are extremely important to ask yourself because a lot of times we focus on our hearts. Now, before you all begin to second guess what I’m saying let me explain. Sometimes we tend to make permanent decisions based off of temporary feelings. Whether you are VP of a prestigious organization, or you work as a receptionist to that top VP, God requires our very best. We are so quick to proclaim “God has something better for me” and indeed God does. God has greater and better for all of us. In fact, he states in his word that he will “open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive” (Mal. 3:10). However, prior to that statement God asked something of us FIRST. When it comes to the word of God we cannot pick and choose what we want to according to our circumstances. We have to take it all in. We have to be accountable. So I ask… Are you ready to be accountable?

All jobs come with difficult people, someone difficult in leadership, disorganization and the list goes on and yet God still expects us to uphold a spirit of excellence. It is simple to love the lovable, teach the teachable, and even respect the people that respect you. But the real task is to still love, teach, and respect those that do not show any of those characteristics. Your season may be up at your current place of employment or may be just beginning. However, it is imperative that you spend time with God and ask him to open your eyes wide so that you may see more of Him and less of you and your ears to hear more of him. Prayer, more prayer, networking, and hard work are some of the essential keys to moving up in your job or even to branch out into your new career. The word of God says, “Be faithful over a few things, and I will make you ruler over many” (Matt. 25:23). This verse applies to our performance within our current workplace. We already know that God has better and greater for us but we cannot ignore what He requires in order for us to obtain the blessings in store for our lives. The true test of our faith is how we handle the process we encounter when we don’t like where we are or it is not what we expected.

Any process that we encounter is essential to our growth and development. Renowned motivational speaker and author Devon Franklin in his book Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success says, “Obsessing over results instead of committing to the process will hurt your career as well as other aspects of your life.” So it is within the process that we must maintain a spirit of excellence regardless of the daily frustrations we may encounter in the workplace. Our frustrations stem from the distractions that we may encounter on a day-to-day basis such as complaining or lazy co-workers, intense workload, lack of organization, or lack of support from our superiors. In all these attributes that cater to our displeasure at work we must still possess the same character we had when we first got hired. Remember how excited you were when you initially started your position? There was a time when you really loved your job. While going through your process you must remember to appreciate what you have and not so much on what you do not have.


Your attitude in the process is also essential while going through your process. The moment you allow your character to waiver once adversity transpires is the moment you have set yourself back.  Remember that saying “Your attitude determines your altitude?” The only thing that gets in the way of our success is…us. Overcome that adversity, outshine those distractions, and don’t search for the results, keep your eyes on the process. Ultimately, in order to obtain the desire of your heart you must first learn to be content with where God had placed you. The promotion is not just monetary, educational, or career based; the promotion comes from within. Appreciate the process, perfect your performance, and enjoy the promotion because it’s waiting on you. Just remember to first wait on God.

  • I am well equipped to take on every obstacle that I face at work  with a positive attitude.
  • I appreciate the career opportunity I have been given.
  • I will demonstrate a positive outlook and work ethic.
  • I will look for opportunities to make my organization better and more efficient.
  • I am an asset, not a liability to my organization.
  • I have respect for leadership and honor their positions of authority.
  • I am a servant in my place of employment.
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