Entrepreneur Mom: Balancing Work and Motherhood

Debbie Alisca
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Debbie Alisca starts every morning looking at quotes for motivation and inspiration.  As an entrepreneur and mother of two children, balancing work and motherhood has been a challenge.

Profile:  Debbie Alisca

Founder of Generate Designs


Before having children, Debbie’s goal was to be a corporate woman working as a chief executive officer.  After graduating from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in International Finance and Marketing, she got married and started a family.  Life goals changed after Debbie had children.  Instead of pursuing a career in business, she focused on being a wife and a mother.

Balancing work and a new family took a lot of planning for Debbie.  Her daily commute of her first job totaled about four hours.  Constant communication and planning with her in-laws and her husband was necessary to ensure her daily routine ran smoothly. Surrounding herself with a community of family and friends were important for Debbie.  Eventually, the four-hour commute became overwhelming for her.  She re-evaluated her priorities and sought other job opportunities closer to home.  She found job opportunities using a staffing agency which led her to a position in Human Resources. Debbie worked her way from the bottom as a receptionist, then being able to connect with clients who eventually introduced her to better opportunities.

Debbie Alisca and familyRe-evaluating what was important to Debbie and making those necessary changes was a game changer.  Instead of planning for a four-hour commute and being on the road for most of her day, Debbie only worked 10 minutes away and was able to spend more time with her children.  She was able to take her children to the daycare and spend time at the park.  Debbie took some time off as her family moved from California to Nevada.  She had to prepare for a big move and a different life style.  Again, planning was necessary to ensure a daily routine was established.  Her community of family and friends were always by her side to assist with the children.

Starting a company is not an easy task.  When Debbie started Generate Designs, her commitment was her business.  Generate Designs is a marketing solutions company that handle graphic designs for retail companies world wide.  Her company offers a variety of services which include advertisements, digital marketing, and product images. Over time, as she gained a better understanding of her clients and their needs, she was able to work on her time management.  Her biggest challenge has been to manage her company and her children’s extra curricular activities.  With two children living active lifestyles, time management is critical.

Here is some advice Debbie has for other working moms.

  1. Establish a village, a community of family and friends who can help.  Finding balance with work and motherhood is a challenge and surrounding yourself with others is important. Find your team, your unit, and work as one.
  2. Understand that overload is real and will happen.  You are not alone.  Know that other people are willing to help you out.  All you have to do is ask.
  3. Make some time for you.  Take care of yourself.  Find your “me” time and reflect on your strengths and areas of improvement.
  4. Always be grateful for your triumphs and losses, not matter how small or large they are.  T

    hose experiences make you who you are.

  5. Plan.  Use the calendar app on your phone or get a planner.
  6. Set goals.  Your journey may take longer than other, but you will get there.
  7. Meditate in the morning.  Stay away from social media and the news.  Take three deep breaths and reflect on a couple items in your life that you appreciate.
  8. Live by a mantra.

Debbie wants all women to know that the only limitation we have are ourselves.  If we don’t challenge ourselves, we are never going to grow.  Setting a limit will prevent you from being  open to endless opportunities.  You are better than you know.  We are our worst critics.  Be confident in your talents and when you stop limiting yourself, you will blossom.


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