Corporate Fashion: Going to Work in Style

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Moms let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if your children are newborns, toddlers, or teenagers, after having children sometimes you are just not too keen of going above and beyond for work. As long as your body and hair are clean and your clothes are ironed you’re doing good right? Maybe, but why not look amazing? As a mom, we tend to get overwhelmed from our daily and hectic schedules. I’m sure that a few of you are just like myself; full-time student, full-time employee, entrepreneur, wife and mommy. However, I am here to tell you that you can go to work in style by just taking a few moments either in the morning as you’re preparing for work or before you get ready for bed. It will make you feel a whole lot better as you step into your daily activities. This effort does not take a whole lot of money, or even too much thought. Here are a few tips to help you discover an office look that is professional, feminine, and chic.

1. Choose your Signature Pieces
Always seek out your go to colors and what you feel most comfortable in. This may consist of black, blue, or grey slacks and/or pencil skirts or dresses. As I stated previously, this shouldn’t require you to overthink. Without spending too much money, you can check out your local thrift stores (my second home) and look for a chic pair of cigarette pants, wide leg slacks, or try a contemporary look with some palazzo pants to add symmetry to your go to pieces. Just like a house, you need to start with a foundation or a blue print when it comes to putting together your ensemble.

2. Keep the season and  dress code in mind.
Seldom do I wear my arms out in the office, however my company allows us to wear business dresses and casual blouses that have no sleeves. No tube tops! Just short sleeves that reveal the shoulder. Even then I always sport a chic blazer, cardigan, or duster over top of any tops that have no sleeves. If you work in an environment where you’re required to rock a suit make it fun. You can add suspenders to your pant suits, or try a pleated skirt to make your look more modern.

3.  Add symmetry or texture to your look.
I am a major fan of texture in my ensembles! You can add texture with a plaid blazer or a lace top. I love strips with floral prints or sometimes I will rock an all-black chic look and splash an animal print for a pop of color. The smallest modifications to your wardrobe, create the loudest fashion statements.

fashion pieces4.  Accessorize.
Scarfs, chunky necklaces, chic pearl necklaces/earrings, or cute dangle earrings definitely add some flavor to your look. I absolutely love buttoning my button up shirts all the way to the top and throwing on a chunky necklace and some stud earrings to complete my look.  Keep in mind that your shoes, purse, watch and even your lipstick and hairstyle serve as accessories to your look.

5. Be confident & Be you!!!!
Regardless of what you decide to wear it is always important to be aware of who you are. Your wardrobe does not make you,  you make the clothes. Be confident in everything you do, and in this case be confident in everything that you wear!

**Feature photo from Girls with Curves

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2 Comments on “Corporate Fashion: Going to Work in Style”

  1. Awesome advice! I’ve been playing with the idea of being a little more colorful with my clothing/accessories, these are awesome take-aways.

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