Bibs & Business Magazine was created for the mom that’s leading in both life and business. She is a working mom, finding success in her career while also aiming to be the very best mom she can be. This magazine was created to inspire moms to be their best selves in business and in life. Moms today are extremely multi-faceted; working from home, owning businesses, leading companies and making a difference at their jobs every day. Each moms path is unique and yet we all have so much in common. Moms need resources, faith-based advice and sometimes just a laugh. We hope you will find that and more in this magazine.

The Team


Arian T. Moore


Sarah Begley

Marketing Coordinator

Angelique B. Winfield

Partnership Coordinator

Kristin Westergard


Oh Bethel

Felicia N. Banks

Eve Espy

Tarrah LaPolla

Jennifer Merryman

Tracy Mitchell

Monica Moore

Samantha Rippey

Norma Salinas

Shannon Trigos


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