Painless Beauty: A Comfortable Fashionista

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Who ever said that beauty is always pain? Well, they were wrong! No need to be in pain to be a fashionista. Developing an artistry in comfortable outfits does not always demand much thought. If anything, the 80’s look is returning; hello leggings! However, there are more additions to include in your wardrobe. Let’s face it, stilettos and skin-tight clothing is not always necessary. Each garment will be perfect for everything; including, playing with the kids. In addition, summer is around the corner and there are key pieces to splurge on in the upcoming season:


1. Dresses can be casual or formal; the fun part is that you can pair them up with a mixture of ideas. The styles are never-ending! A blazer adds a chic-look to the outfit; on the other hand, a jean jacket can give it a more casual feel. This trendy jacket is fit for a brunch date. No matter how you try to make your dress look best, you can still be fabulous and comfortable.


2. Rompers and jumpsuits can be a bit stubborn in a number of situations. However, looking tasteful beats the obstacles they bring when getting dressed. Let’s face it, spaghetti straps are fitting for the summer; nonetheless, tropical prints and 70’s flares are also great. The good news is that all designs are thriving today; but your preference is all that matters. After all, your confidence is highlighted through being comfortable. Plus, they fit all shapes and sizes!


3. Jeans are fun to pair with a variety of outfits, whether you decide to go casual or be spontaneous. Either way, you will still be relaxed. The exciting part is that there are a mixture of options. Everything from mom jeans to overalls will be different colors and textures. T-shirts will go great and the footwear choices are endless at this point! Sneakers, sandals, and flats are a quality fit into the equation. Pumps are always an option, not necessary but they will be a cute addition for a date night.


4. Joggers are no longer simply sleep wear or sweat pants so you won’t get the weird stares from others. Joggers symbolize true comfort. Not only are they a fashion trend but they are also great for traveling and picking up the kids, which gives  this piece the considerable resort option. A great asset will be a pair of sneakers and a midriff shirt. All in all, this may be the definition of comfort.


5) Leggings or yoga pants are a piece that simply define #momlife. They are budget friendly,  go great with many outfits and are comfy! Totally a win win.

For work options, look for looser pieces and wide legged pants. For summer opt for capris and short sleeve button ups paired with some Mary Jane’s. You can even rock a pair of leggings with a nice top and a printed blazer.

You can be fab and comfy. These style options will have you running errands or going to the office and then heading to date night in style and comfort. Find the look that best suits you and your lifestyle. Be confident and be comfortable!

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